Fun Dog Videos

smiling dogWe have found some of the best dog videos on the net. From silly and cute to inspiring and tugging at the heart, dogs are the stars here. Click, watch, enjoy and share with friends.

Cute & Sweet Dog Videos
Dog Adopts Monkey
Bulldog Babysitter Kisses Orangutan
Husky Dog Talking – “I Love You”
Dog Reunites with Air Force Captain Mom

Inspiring Dog Videos
‘Thrown Away’ Dog Saves Little Girl’s Life
Dog Saves Newborn Baby - Amazing Animal.
Dog Calls 911 After Owner Has Seizure
Brave dog protects it’s injured mother

Cute Dog Commercials
Cute Bulldog Commercial
PetSmart Large Dog Commercial
Funny dog commercial for Black & Decker vacuum
Super Bowl XXXIV Commercial. Budweiser. The Dog Star.
cesar bistro commercial – now every dog wants to be a cesar dog
cesar® TV commercial: “i promise to be your fuzzy slippers”
Bud Light Commercial with Dog Used as Camouflage
Slow Motion Dogs Enjoying Life..
Smiling Dogs
Kibbles n Bits Dancing Dog
Travelers Insurance – Prized Possession
Doggie Dentures – PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX®
Pedigree Commercial – We see love.
Pedigree Commercial – Rub my belly

Dog & Baby Videos
Rottweiler Causing a Baby Laugh Attack
Bubbles Floating, Baby Laughing, and Dogs Jumping
Pug vs. Baby – the Neverending Battle
Dog Popping Bubbles and Baby Giggling
Partners in Crime
Big Dog Tickling Baby
Wolf Dog Sings to a Baby to Stop his Cry
Dog Imitating A Crying Baby
Talking Dog Making Baby Laugh Video
Cute Baby Meets Dog Video

Funny Dog Videos
Collection of Talking Dogs – Cute
Dogs Who Look Like Their Owners – Part 1
Angry Dog Thinks His Foot Is Trying to Steal His Treat
Two Dogs Dining in a Restaurant
Dobie Doesn’t Let Mom Leave for Work

Silly Dog Tricks
World’s Smartest Dog Jesse performs Amazing Dog Tricks
Dog Playing Dead on David Letterman Show

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